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WELCOME TO PARADISE. The CLUBSIDE RESERVE residents welcome you to our community web site. Our beautiful and maintenance free lifestyle neighborhood consists of 84 carriage homes, a clubhouse, a pool and spa and two lakes, all conveniently located within walking distance to the VINEYARDS in Naples, Florida a Preeminent Luxury Golf Course & Country Club!
Learn more about the Vineyards Country Club.
Clubside News
Posted on Nov 26th, 2021
Enjoy the slight change of seasons here in Naples and Clubside as we take in breath taking sunsets coupled with lower evening temperatures.
If you have not noticed....yes the "Snowbirds" are flying and driving back into town. You may see faces around that you have not seen for sometime.  Say hello. Relax. Sit back and enjoy the season that is upon us. 
The next scheduled BOD meeting will be held on Tuesday, December 7th at 4PM at the Clubside Reserve Clubhouse. Details to come by email from PMP.
The Rules and Regulations Committee had requested owners input. They wanted thoughts on which rules owners felt a need for revision, the changes owners would like to see made and why, or what new rule owners would like to see adopted. The committee provided a form to help everyone organize their input.
The Clubside Reserve Bylaws state that “The Board of Directors may, from time to time, adopt and amend administrative rules and regulations governing the use, maintenance, management and control of the common elements and the operation of the Association.” 
To meet this obligation, the goal of the BOD is to make sure Rules and Regulations are:
·       Current – reflect todays language, technology and culture.
·       Clear – are easy to understand.
·       Supported – represent the collective desires and values of our unit owners.
·       Consistent – uniformly and fairly applied.
The committee’s mission is to remain neutral, gathering input that represents the entire community without bias. The committee has received input and has begun to summarize the common themes to present to the Board of Directors for consideration at a meeting this fall.
Owners input was due by July 31, 2021. At this time no further input is being accepted. Though if you have any questions then please reach out to The Rules and Regulations Committee: Steve Pooley, Patricia Gibbs, Maria DiBlasi, Lenny Bello, or Curt Burnett at

Upcoming Events
Tuesday, December 7th, 4:00 PM at Clubside Reserve Clubhouse
Clubside Reserve at the Vineyards Condominium Association Board of Directors Meeting - Agenda to come by email via PMP.
The meeting will be held at Clubside Reserve clubhouse enabling resident of Clubside Reserve to attend in person.
The room format will allow for social distancing, as a courtesy to your neighbors if you have not received the COVID vaccine we suggest wearing a mask for the duration of the meeting. The option of joining the meeting via zoom will also be available. Information to be distributed by PMP prior to meeting.
Tuesday, February 1st, 3:00 PM at Vineyard Community Park Building
The 2022 Annual Meeting and Board Election of Clubside Reserve At The Vineyards Condominium Association is scheduled on February 1, 2022. The meeting is held at the Vineyards Community Park, 6231 Arbor Blvd W, Naples, FL 34119 at 3PM.  A notice and agenda will be posted in mailroom and sent out by PMP. 
If you do not receive emails from PMP please contact:

Clubside Reserve Services
Property Management Contact Information:
Linda Ames, PMP Property Manager - Property Management Professionals, Inc. - email:
Dena Waltchack, CAM - Property Management Professionals, Inc. - email:
PMP - Property Management Professionals
75 Vineyards Blvd., Third Floor
Naples, FL 34119
MAIN: 239-353-1992
DIRECT: 239-304-3138
FAX: 239-353-1909
Pest Eliminator Service:
Clubside Reserve residents with pest problems are to call Pest Eliminators directly to arrange an appointment for your unit. Call 239-985-0461 Monday - Friday.
Vineyards Summit Broadband:
Summit Broadband has a dedicated line for those who live in the Vineyards communities. Any resident that is having trouble with any service should call 239-319-1846. You may speak to a Summit representative to report issues with phone, internet or your television cable box and connection. In addition, you can receive help regarding billing or services as well. Here is the latest news from Summit. Summit Enhancements
Clubside Reserve Authorized Window Washing Vendors
The following vendors are on the AUTHORIZED LIST to clean the second story unit windows. First floor owners may select a vendor of their choice since the window cleaning will not require roof access.
If you hire any other firm than those on our authorized list and that firm damages any of our metal roof panels, you, the owner, will be responsible for reimbursing the association for the cost of repairing the damage.
The authorized firms are:
Sabrina's Window Cleaning | 239-466-9255
Ask for Danielle, Southwest Florida Manager, extension 302. Specify she needs to send a crew equipped with long poles.
Washy Washy Window Cleaners | 239-272-9178
Ask for Debra Harrison, Owner.  Specify that she needs to send a crew equipped with long poles.