Summit Broadband

Summit Broadband for Vineyards Residents
Summit Broadband has a dedicated line for those who live in the Vineyards communities. Any resident needing help should call 239-319-1846. You may speak to a Summit representative to report issues regarding PHONE | INTERNET | VIDEO TV  connections. In addition, you can receive help regarding billing or adding services as well.
With the Vineyards Bulk Agreement each resident receives two TiVo boxes. One Main box and one Mini plus two remotes. Service covers phone, 250 x 250 Internet and cable TV. This is part of our Master Association service contract. Note, for any additional Mini boxes needed you must reach out to Summit Broadband to purchase. Their 1 GB x 1 GB MBPS Internet speed is available but you must purchase it for a monthly fee as well.
Your equipment is owned by Summit and needs to be returned when you SELL your unit.
For equipment returns, customers can now self-serve without calling Summit.  Summit Broadband is now offering customers in all service areas the opportunity to return all Summit Broadband equipment by mail. This link  will take customers to a web form.  Simply fill in the information. You will receive an email with a QR code.  Next, take the equipment and code to a local FedEx, Kinkos store location where the clerk will scan the QR code and ship the equipment to Summit Broadband. There is no cost to the customer for this service. 
6060 Collier Blvd., Suite 62
Naples, FL 34114
Monday - Friday | 9AM - 5PM
1443 Rail Head Blvd.
Naples, FL 34110
Monday - Saturday | 9AM - 5PM
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Vineyards Summit Customer Support Line: 239.319.1846
Summit Online Support: Click Here
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What Accessibility Settings are Available in TiVo? (Learn More)
Customized Closed Captioning settings will work for the majority of shows you watch or record, but both the broadcaster and the vendor of a show may choose to override your desired settings. If the Closed Captioning appearance changes on a single recording or for a series, the change was made either by your cable company or the vendor of the show. TiVo cannot override these settings.
For immediate closed captioning complaints, please call 239.444.0400 in Southwest Florida using your local relay service.
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